Chang Jiang 650
649cc DOHC
4 speed + reverse
20 Litres
Bosch EFI
41kw - 54bhp
62 nm - 45 ft-lbs
Gloss Black
Gloss Grey
Price O.T.R.

Chang Jiang Dynasty

The Dynasty offers the perfect road going open top sidecar experience. The modern liquid cooled fuel injected engine provides enough power to keep up with modern traffic, whilst the triple combined disc brake system offers reassuring stopping power. The styling clearly borrows from Chang Jiangs 70 year production heritage, but the use of modern technology and production processes bring the riding experience up to date. The moment the EFI motor fires up and settles to an even smooth idle it is obvious that Chang Jiang has left the past behind. The modern switch gear, LED lighting, and digital information panel in the speedometer are all up-to-date touches so you can concentrate on enjoying the ride and the freedom of the open road. Chang Jiang have not forgotten the sidecar passenger. The all steel sidecar with impressively large lockable boot features a deeply padded comfortable seat to make even the longest day trip a pleasure.


Final UK equipment specifications are still to be confirmed but will include 18 inch wheels all round with spare mounted on the boot lid, lockable boot, LED lights, triple disc brakes, KYB 41mm forks, KYB adjustable twin rear shocks, Bosch EFI, 12 volt power socket, extra driving lights, nudge bars, luggage rack on bonnet, padded sidecar interior, reversing light, parking brake and reverse gear.



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specification bikes
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