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One of the great things about owning a motorcycle is all the organised events that you can attend! Although we would love to spend every weekend in a field full of like-minded, happy motorcyclists, with nothing more than a tent, a sleeping bag and a fire, it is not often that we can leave the shop at the weekend. At F2 Motorcycles Ltd we organise a charity BBQ in December.
Huge sidecar seen at the Mad Hatters Camping Weekend.
Never mind camping, you could almost live in this one!
Wonderfully original M63 at the Mad Hatters camp. It's so nice to see these older bikes still being used. This one turns up nearly every year.
The Silver Ball winter meet is held every year by the Federation of Sidecar Clubs. I got there on the Royal Enfield just a little early. More bikes arrived later, honest.
The famous remote controlled, bear in the chair. Owned and ridden by Bob the Bear. If you see it parked up, please put some coins in the collection box.
Dnepr Phoenix with proud owner at the Mad Hatters Camping Weekend in 2001. After many years of faithful service this bike has been replaced with a new 750 Ural Dalesman.
A massive thank you to everyone who helped us in raising a fantastic total of £616.77 during 2007/08 for the Banbury based charity, Dogs for the Disabled.
Run out on the road from the Mad Hatters. We had about 12 combos and a few solo bikes on the run out.
Dnepr K750 side valve at the Mad Hatters Camp. Avery rare sight indeed, and in excellent condition.
Lizi Angel decided to go to the Elephant Rally on her Dnepr and Squire sidecar. The brave man on the Ural 650 solo is Paul.
Just some of the bikes that came to the Charity BBQ at F2 Motorcycles Ltd.
A big thank you to all who came along and donated.
Well looked after IZH 350 basking in the sun in original colours at the Mad Hatters Camp. This is a Jupiter 3, should you be wondering.
Mildly customised Ural 650 at the Mad Hatters Camp.
Royal Enfield 500 at the Mad Hatters Camping Weekend. We don't see enough Royal Enfields at our events, so please bring yours along!
Slightly modified Ural Cobra at the Mad Hatters Camping Weekend. The Cobra is a very rare beast. Based on the Ural 650, this is a genuine factory hardtail custom.
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