A Small Selection - Price Includes Fitting to a New Bike

The prices on this page are only valid when buying a new Ural Motorcycle from us.
The price includes fitting to your new Ural motorcycle before collection from F2 Motorcycles Ltd.
Many of the options on this page have been developed by David and all have been thoroughly tested .
Your warranty is not affected by any optional extra fitted by F2 Motorcycles Ltd.
Ural touring screen
Screen - Touring. The famous F2 universal screen offers the ultimate in weather protecting for all year round comfort. It is a real hassle to remove and refit, so this is not the one to go for if you prefer to remove the screen for the summer. The aerodynamic shape cuts through the air leaving an area of still air just behind the screen. The lower part extends beyond the key switch so it does mean you need to turn the bike on and off whilst off the bike. If you ride every day all year round this is the screen to have.
Part - F25422/tour
Ural custom screen
Screen - Cruiser. This well made European screen has been specially developed for Urals from 2008 onwards. It looks the part and offers great protection in from rain and wind. Single handlebar mounting point connects to double screen mounts to form a very stable and strong support that is still easy to remove and refit in just a few minutes. This screen allow easy access to the key switch even when sitting on the bike.
Part - F2Z07.0201
Screen - Russian. Steel original screen from the Irbit factory made specifically for the Ural range of motorcycles. Fits Tourist, Dalesman, Gear-Up, Soviet, etc.
Part - F2Z07.0103
Screen - Small. Really easy to fit handle bar mounted screen. Although we call this a small screen it's still big enough to offer protection .
Part - F25422/small
Hi/Lo spot light on sidecar. Additional light fitted to the nearside front of the sidecar. This is connected to the original headlight on the motorcycle and has both dip and high beam. This gives a much better spread of light when riding at night than just the standard headlight on it's own. Although the standard Ural sidecar has a small white marker light on the mudguard this additional hi/lo light makes it easier for on coming traffic to judge the width of your Ural.
Part - F25711/HILO
12 Volt Socket. Standard size splash proof socket mounted in the side panel of the motorcycle. Plug in your accessories when out and about. many of our customers now have mobile phones, Sat Nav, PDAs, tent lights, LED torches, MP3 players and a whole host of things that need charging or plugging into a cigar lighter socket.
Head Light - UK Upgrade. We have tried several different makes and patterns from about £25 to nearly £100. Surprisingly this one offers the best beam pattern we have found and it is not the most expensive. Good penetrating long range high beam with a wide bright dip beam. Remember all prices on this page include fitting to a new Ural.
Part - F24405/UK

will follow

12 Volt Socket on Handlebars. Standard size splash proof socket mounted on the handlebars. Plug in your accessories when out and about. many of our customers now have mobile phones, Sat Nav, PDAs, tent lights, LED torches, MP3 players and a whole host of things that need charging or plugging into a cigar lighter socket.
Harness. We can not legally sell these as safety equipment as they have not been crash tested by an independent assessor. The harness is a top quality rally car harness and must make some difference in the event of a low speed impact.
Lap Belt. We also offer a simpler lap belt. To see the lap belt please roll the mouse over the image on the left. Please note in both cases the exact make and model of belt used may vary.
Head light peak. This small peak is just a little something for show. It does not improve the performance of the headlight, it simply looks good.
Part - F24405/peak
Indicator Buzzer. Leaving indicators on after turning a corner can confuse car drivers. Other road users waiting in a side turning to pull out may see your indicator and really think you are turning left. We sell a clever little gadget that takes about 15 minutes to fit. There are a few different types on the market but ours has an adjustable delay. You can set the delay to only sound the buzzer after a certain amount of flashes. Then it starts at a low volume and builds up to the level where you really can't ignore it.
Part - F24328/buzz
Leg Guards. These are standard on Ural Gear-Up and will be fitted to your Gear-Up at no extra cost. However it is not standard on the Ural Tourist standard Combinations. They keep most of the wet and dirt off your legs and work really well in combination with either of our screens.
Part - F2Z05.0110
Rack - Rear. Tubular steel rack in black or chrome for Ural Tourist. Maximum weight limit 10kg. Please note picture shows old design. New design is much stronger and neater. Made in Europe.
Part - F2Z02.0101/black
Part - F2Z02.0101chrome
Rack - Mudguard. Replaces the rear rubber saddle on all Ural motorcycles fitted with twin rubber saddles. Price is for Ural T. This is a free option on other models.
Part - F2Z02.0104/black
Part - F2Z02.0104/Stainless
Rack - Over Spare Wheel. This useful rack is standard in black on Ural Tourist Gear-Up. Great for carrying awkward or large objects and frees up some additional space in the sidecar when touring. It opens with the boot lid. Available in black only.
Part - F2Z02.0202
Price - £204.00
Ammo Box. F2 Motorcycle Ltd can now offer a range of external ammunition style boxes to fit to the sidecar. Theses are very high quality and made of thick steel. Available in black or green, with or with out a raised red star.
Part - F25602/BK
Part - F25602/BK STAR
Part - F25602/GR
Part - F25602/GR STAR
Stainless Ammo Box. F2 Motorcycle Ltd can now offer a range of external ammunition style boxes to fit to the sidecar. Theses are very high quality and made of stainless steel. They can be lifted out of the bracket and carried using the handle on the lid. They do not come with locks but they do have a provision for fitting a small lock to attach them to the bike and lock the lid. Available with out a raised red star.
Part - F25604
Part - F25604/STAR
UK Fuel Can. Exclusive to F2 Motorcycles Ltd, these well made 10 litre steel fuel cans are very strong and rugged. All the holders are black but we have a choice of colours for the fuel can. As shown in the picture they mount between the sidecar and the bike. They are too big to go on the outside of the sidecar as they hit the mudguard. Colours from stock, black or silver
Part - F25606/BK
Part - F25606/SIL
First Aid Box. Small steel box that mounts on the back of a standard Ural sidecar. Box is 20cm x 13cm not including the mounting brackets. The holes in the mounts line up with the original holes below the boot lid on the rear of the sidecar. Inside is a first aid kit. Available in chrome, black, or green.
Part - F2Z03.0313/BK
Part - F2Z03.0313/GR
Part - F2Z03.0313/CHR
Ural Sidecar Bar. 38 mm tube nudge bar made in Europe for Ural sidecars. We have these in chrome or black.
Part - F2Z01.0102/BK
Part - F2Z01.0102/CHR
Road Legal Tow Bar. At last we are able to offer a EU compliant tow bar to fit your Ural Dalesman or Tourist. From 01/01/2008 all tow bars supplied and fitted must conform to EU safety requirements. We can supply these for your Ural motorcycle and sidecar combination. Comes complete with instructions and standard towing socket.
Part - F2Z14.0106
Sidecar Screen. If you plan on carrying a sidecar passenger in a Ural sidecar they will thank you for ordering this extra. When not in use it folds flat inside the sidecar under the tonneau cover. This is standard equipment on the Ural Tourist but can be added as an option on the Gear-Up or Ural T.
Part - F2Z07.0202
Hand Guards. F2 Motorcycles Ltd can fit these hand guards to your new Ural. Only available from us and fitted to a new bike.

All prices on this page include fitting
when bought with a new Ural

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