745cc 4-Stroke
Electric & Kick
4 + Reverse
Final Drive
Front Tyre
4.00 x 18
Rear Tyre
4.00 x 18
S/C Tyre
4.00 x 18
S/C Brake
Linked to Rear

Ural Retro - Inspired by the original Ural

Back in 1941 the Moscow Motorcycle Factory was relocated to the Urals and the the first Ural was born. Known as the M72 it was low and long with a plunger frame, large tear drop tank and headlight mounted speedometer. The Ural Retro of today borrows from this original styling, but without sacrificing modern comfort and build. It's not a plunger frame, it's a swing arm that looks like a plunger. The hand change operates reverse, while the rest of the gears are by your left foot as you would expect. The headlight might look 70 years old, but its a 7 inch halogen unit mounted in a period casing.

40 bhp @ 5400
49 NM @ 3400
22 Litres
40 mpg
55 mph
 Est max
65 mph
Price O.T.R.

Ural Retro - Added Luxury

Extra comfort is provided by an oversize saddle with padded leather cover for the rider and deeply padded buttoned high back seat for the sidecar passenger. The sidecar is also lined and supplied with a screen as standard.

Standard Equipment. Large single front saddle with choice of rack or rear saddle. lowered sidecar chassis and body, tank mounted hand lever for reverse, deeply padded high back sidecar seat, sidecar lining, sidecar windscreen, black wheels.


Black with pin stripes

Ural Retro- Perfected Over Time

Ural do not make change for change’s sake, and the current models are the result of around 50 years of steady development. Some things have remained as they were 50 years ago such as reverse gear, hand brake, integral steering damper, strong duplex frame design, and an incredibly torquey engine. To bring the bikes up to date, many detailed changes have taken place under the surface of this well-proven package, including a high output 12 volt alternator, electric start, electronic ignition, EFI, unleaded valve seats, disc brakes all round, improved gearbox, European seals and bearings, and new timing gears.



F2 Motorcycles and Ural.

All Ural products supplied by us receive a comprehensive pre-delivery inspection, all exposed areas are treated with ACF50 to help prevent rust, and the EFI system is altered to our own specification. Every new bike is then personally test ridden by David to ensure that it meets his exacting standards before the tank is brimmed with fuel. This lengthy preparation does mean that we usually have a short waiting list, but we feel this is the only way to supply quality.


Pictures used may show optional extras

* O.T.R. pricing
All prices are displayed as "On The Road".
This includes our comprehensive preparation & road testing to ensure all bikes meet our exacting standards.
Our prices also include registration fee, number plate, 12 months road tax, 24 months warranty
In addition we include a full tank of fuel & Alpha Dot security markings at no extra cost to you.
Beware of other sites that appear to show a lower price and then charge for all these items.
O.T.R. excludes your insurance.
We will take a deposit, issue you a number plate, and Alpha dot security number.
You simply arrange insurance, let us have the certificate, and we will do everything else for you.

F2 Motorcycles Approved Accessories and Modification
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There are simply too many to list and we are always open to new suggestions.
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