745cc 4-Stroke
Electric & Kick
4 + reverse
Final Drive
Front Tyre
4.00 x 18
Rear Tyre
4.00 x 18
Front Brake
Rear Brake

Ural no longer produce solo bikes for export.

40 bhp @ 5400
49 NM @ 3400
17 Litres
50 mpg
65 mph
 Est max
75 mph
Price O.T.R.

Private Imports.
If you have purchased a Ural from outside of the EU you will almost certainly need to present your newly imported bike for a UK Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval test (MSVA). We do not offer a MSVA service for private imports, but after you have presented your bike for testing and received a list detailing the failures, we can often help by supplying EU or UK parts to alter your bike allowing it to pass on the retest. Details of the MSVA test are available from VOSA. We are not allowed to use their logo on our site, so unfortunately you will need to do your own search on the internet. Type in MSVA and VOSA, it will be very near the top of the search results. Motorcycles supplied directly by us will have complete approval and be registered on the road.

Pictures used may show optional extras
All specification as Retro Solo with the following changes, Electronic Fuel Injection
Disc brakes front/rear wheel
New spin on oil filter
New Camshaft profile
Price O.T.R.
From 2015 only EFI models will be supplied.
This is a substantial redesign rather than simply the addition of fuel injection. Exhaustive testing has been carried out in the USA to create the new models. The EFI range not only offers smoother power delivery but also feature a new camshaft profile which has proved to deliver even more torque. The brakes have been upgraded to disc on every wheel and finally servicing has been made simpler by the addition of a redesigned engine case allowing the use of a car style spin on oil filter.

* O.T.R. pricing
All prices are displayed as "On The Road".
This includes our comprehensive preparation & road testing to ensure all bikes meet our exacting standards.
Our prices also include registration fee, number plate, 12 months road tax, 24 months warranty
In addition we include a full tank of fuel & Alpha Dot security markings at no extra cost to you.
Beware of other sites that appear to show a lower price and then charge for all these items.
O.T.R. excludes your insurance.
We will take a deposit, issue you a number plate, and Alpha dot security number.
You simply arrange insurance, let us have the certificate, and we will do everything else for you.

F2 Motorcycles Approved Accessories and Modification
Please ask us about modifications.
There are simply too many to list and we are always open to new suggestions.
Click here for a few ideas
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