As we are a specialist bike shop we try not to have any Japanese bikes in stock.
We do occasionally have secondhand Jawa and Ural motorcycles- often these are our own demo bikes or loan bikes.
We do not deal in dodgy old bikes that have been tarted up and made to look better than they are.
All used bikes sold by us are covered by a warranty.
If any dealer tells you you have not got a warranty on a used bike they are not being completely honest with you.
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eGO Electric Scooter Specifications
Sold new as the Helio or eGO at 1399

Top Speed: Go Fast 23 mph, Go Far 17 mph
Range Go Far: up to 25 miles - Range Go Fast: up to 20 miles
Motor: 1.99 kW
Controller: digital smooth flow
Drive system: eGO whisper belt
Gears: fully automatic
Front Brake: cable disc
Rear Brake: rim brake + regenerative
Recharge: 1KW (about 7p)
Recharge time: 5 hours from flat
Weight: 59 KG (130 LBS)
Batteries: 2 X 12 volt 34 amp

The eGO electric bike has passed European Whole Vehicle Type Approval so is classed as a moped in the UK. It is one of the few electric vehicles to be equipped with full regenerative braking, so when you roll off the throttle some charge is put back in to the battery. Riding the eGO is easy and fun, simply twist the throttle and away you go. There are two settings on the key ignition. The first is "go Far" which limits the speed to 17 mph with a realistic full throttle range of 15 to 20 miles. The other position is "go Fast" which gives rapid acceleration, excellent hill climbing and a top speed of 23 mph. The realistic range at full throttle is 10 to 15 miles. In either of these modes the range can be increased by not using full throttle all the time.

We have two of these as old, none runners, if you fancy a project they can both be yours for £399 the pair

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