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Ural camshaft

F20602 - Camshaft
Price - £150.00
Special Offer

Camshaft to fit all Ural 750 OHV engines up to 2012. These camshafts are for use with the rotating cam followers. Early Ural 650 including the M66 had straight push followers. These later cams can be used on the early engines as long as the cam followers are changed at the same time. The cam is supplied with the oil pump gears as shown. Limited quanitiy at this price.
ural cam followers

F20608 - Cam Followers
Price each - £50.40
Price pair - £96.00

Rotating cam followers as fitted to late Ural 650 and all Ural 750 motors until at least 2021. As the cam makes contact the follower can rotate considerably reducing wear on the cam shaft and follower. They can be fitted to early OHV Urals as an upgrade but later cam shaft must fitted at the same time.

ural M66 cam followers

F20606 - Cam Followers
Price each - £24.00
Special Offer

Ural 650 M63, M66 and some M67 models had non rotating straight push cam followers. They work OK, and are reasonably priced, but they do wear the cam fairly quickly. If your budget allows consider upgrading to the later rotating cam followers. We have a limited quantity of these original followers left, when they are gone we can not get more.
ural 750 Rockers

F20607 - 750 Rocker
Price each - £120.00
Special Offer

To fit all Ural 750 OHV to 2016. 750 Ural made before 2009 had a similar rocker but with a plain bronze bush. These are the later type fitted with needle bearings. They can be used as an upgrade for pre 2009 750 OHV Urals. With have limited stock at this price
ural rocker 650

F20607 - 650 Rocker
Price each - £72.00
Special Offer

These are the later 650 rockers so they fit M67 and Neval Soviet Knight models. We do not have many left and when they are gone they are gone.
ural tappet adjuster

F20625 - Tappet Adjuster
Price set - £9.60

Fits all Urals from M63 right through to Ural 750 EFI made in 2021. Metric fine thread and supplied with a new locking nut. These are genuine factory export parts and not the soft unhardened fake rubbish from the internet auction sites.
K750 M72 Tappet Bolt

F20625?SV - Tappet Bolt
Price set - £7.20

Flat top tappet bolt for early side valve motors including Ural IMZ M72 ans Dnepr KMZ K750. These can not be used on any OHV Ural engine.
ural 650 750 Valves

F20624 - Valves
Price 650 each- £39.60
Price 750 each - £42.00

Genuine export factory valves for Ural 650 and 750 OHV from M66 onwards right through to 2007. We have all sizes and can usually identify the correct size just by knowing the model and year of your bike. However if you have the valve out of the head please measure the diameter of the valve head as a double check. We also have the post 2008 valves so please ask for a price if you need these.
k750 M72 valve

F20623/SV - Valves
Price each- £18.00
Special Offer

High quality valves for all sidevalve models includig Ural IMZ M72 and Dnepr KMZ K750. Limited quantity, but we are searching for more.
ural manual

Our short blog about measuring pistons and gapping piston rings can be found by clicking on the pistons link.


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