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Ural brake drum

Apologies to everyone who has been trying to phone us. BT switched us to the new super fantastic marvellous wonderful voice over internet system, against our will. It is utter rubbish and we are not able to go back to the old system. Many times the phone doesn't even ring, sometimes it goes to voice mail without ringing, sometimes it just rings at your end but not at ours. BT have no solution and can not tell me how to make the new wonder system as reliable as the bit of 1970s wire it replaced. Please keep trying, or send an email with your phone number.
Chang Jiang Dynasty

Chang Jiang Dynasty 650

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Jawa motorcycles

Jawa Motorcycles

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Chang Jiang Pekin Express

Chang Jiang Pekin Express 650

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This website only shows a tiny proportion of our stock.

If you can not find what you need please contact us


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