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motorcycle battery

F24322 - Sealed Battery
Price 9 amp - £42.00
Price 20 amp - £63.60

Great quality completely sealed gel battery. Good reliable starting with no fuss as it arrives charged and ready to fit. We can deliver this battery to your door. The 9 amp fits Urals with kick start as well as electric start Jawa 2-strokes.. The 20 amp fits electric start Urals.
Nippon Denso Alternator

F243.0201/ND - Alternator
Price - £540.00

Latest Nippon Denso alternator as fitted to new 750cc Urals and includes the cush drive, gear, and gasket. This is a replacement part and can not be used to convert older Urals to the Nippon Denso alternator.
Ural alternator

F243.0201/ND+ - Conversion
Ural 650 Kit - £780.00
Ural 750 Kit - £750.00

This conversion uses the latest Nippon Denso alternator as fitted to new 750cc Urals and includes the cush drive, gear, gasket and all wiring. This kit also includes a complete set of matched EU timing gear.
If you already have EU timing gear fitted please see F243.0201/ND. If you don't you will need this kit.
Ural generator

F24302.02 - ND Adaptor
Price - £330.00

Replacement cush drive and adaptor for Nippon Denso alternators fitted to Urals after 2009. Please note this is slightly different to the earlier adaptor used before 2009 and requires a different alternator gear if it is being used to replace the earlier type.
Alternator brushes

F24302.04B - L424 Brushes
Price pair - £30.00
Special Offer

Carbon brush set for the L424 150watt alternator as fitted to Dnepr MT11 and Ural M67. We only have a few of these left now.

F24355/33 - L424 Regulator
Price - £36.00

This regulator was standard fitment on the very last few years production of the M67. It is fairly reliable and replaced the rather unreliable and power absorbing P330. We sell them as spare parts and not as conversion for the P330. However if you would like to convert to run on the solid state type we are happy to supply a wiring diagram with the unit. Every unit is load tested by us on our test rig before dispatch.

F24329 - Starter Relay
Price - £10.20

There are two of these mounted on the right side under the seat of most electric start Ural 650s and 750s. If you starter sometimes doesn't work, but you can hear a faint click. Try changing the front relay first. If it makes a sound like a machine gun, check the earth is clean and charge the battery.
Ural starter motor

F243.0120 - Starter Motor
Price - £348.00

Latest model Ural starter motor fits all previous electric start models from Ural.
Ural shims

F243.0162 - Starter Spacers
Price each - £7.20

When swapping starter motors from one type to another is may be nessesary to use a spacer to ensure the gear does not over or under engage with the flywheel. We have them in both 1mm and 2mm.
Battery Activator

F243TAD - Battery Activator
Price each - £18.00
Special Offer

This little box of tricks simply connects across the battery of the vehicle. It then pulses the battery to help prevent and even reverses the build up of sulphate on the plates caused by long term storage. We have been testing these on our classic vehicles that spend long periods of time sitting idle. They have certainly saved us more the cost of the unit by reducing the number of batteries we replace every year. Made in Germany and waterproof. This is not a copy, we buy direct from the German manufacturers.

Full details of how to place an order and our delivery charges can be found on the ordering page.


This site can only show a tiny fraaction of the parts we stock.

If you need parts fro your Ural please contact us.

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