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M72 Gasket K750

F20327SV - Gear Gasket
Price each - £13.80

Original quality front cover gasket for all sidevalve Soviet era bikes including Ural M72 and Dnepr K750.
Ural Gasket

F20327OHV - Gear Gasket
Price each - £13.80

Genuine Ural factory front cover gasket. Please note when ordering that there are two slightly different gaskets, Please let us know if you have a 650 or 750 and what model you have. The one for the 750 even fits the later models with the spin on filter.
Crank Gasket

F20331/650 - Rear Crank 650
Price each - £14.40

Rear crank seal holder gasket for all Ural 650 OHV models from M63 right through to the last of the 650s in about 1999. Can also be used on M72 side valve models.
Ural 750 gasket

F20331/750 - Rear Crank 750
Price each - £14,40
Price per pair - £21.00

Rear crank seal holder gasket for all Ural 750 OHV models from 2000 right through to 2020. Surprisingly they even fit the latest EFI bikes.
Ural sump gasket

F20227 - Sump Gasket
Price each - £13.80

Sump gasket to fit all Urals from 1941 right through to 2018. Can also be used for Dnepr K750 sidevalve.
Cam shaft gasket

F20312.14 - Cam Shaft
Price per set - £13,80

Replacement camshaft gasket and seal for all Ural OHV models from early M63 models to the very last 750 carburetor equiped models of 2014. Some 650s had odd sized seals but we have fitted these high quality western alternatives to many bikes with no leaks.
Crank seal

F20335 - Crank Seal
Price each - £12.00

We stock high quality western seals in the correct size for Ural 650 OHV, Ural 750 OHV and Dnepr MT range of 650 OHV. Please let us know the enging make, size and year when ordering.
Alternator gasket

F20214 - Alternator Gasket
Price each - £6.60

Alternator gasket for all Ural or Dnepr motorcycles fitted with any of the alternators attached with two studs including the L424 and the much later Nippon Denso.

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If you can not see what you need, please contact us as we probably have the spares you need.

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