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Ural Steering Bearings

F22522 - Steering Bearings
Price pair - £24.00

Original Ural factory steering bearings to fit M63, M66, M67, MT9, MT10/36, MT11, and all Urals right through to 2007 when Ural changed the dimensions to allow the use of taper roller bearings at the factory.
Steering Bearings

F22522TR - Steering Bearing
Price pair - £72.00

Amazingly we have stock of a tapper roller steering bearings in the really odd Russian size so they can be used as a direct replacement for the original loose ball and cup bearings fitted to Urals up to 2007.
Ural steering bearing

F232006X - Steering Bearing
Price pair - £48.00

New high quality taper roller bearings to fit all Urals made after 2008. At the end of 2007 the Ural factory finally stopped using the ancient loose ball steering bearings, and switched to 55 mm outside diameter tapper roller bearings. These fit the new bikes.
handlebar grips Ural

F23103/RUS - 25mm Grips
Price pair - £24.00

Amazingly we have managed to obtain some decent quality grips to fit the original Russian handlebars. These are not the originals, they do not split after a week, and they are not the nasty things seen on eBay. These grips fit M63, M66, MT9, MT10/36, MT11, and all Urals with Russian bars up to 2000..
Ural 750 grips

F23203/BK - Black Grips
Price pair - £20.40

Soft grippy feel. Usually fitted to later model Gear-Up and Ranger Ural 750 models. Will fit all Urals with the Domino switches as well as many Japanese motorcycles. Throttle side is 25mm and clutch side is 22 mm.
Ural handlebar grips

F23203/CHR - Chrome Grips
Price pair - £24.00

Replacement grips for Urals fitted with Domino switches made after 2000. Fit Dalesman, Tourist, Wolf, Solo, and Retro 750 models. Supplied complete with throttle as shown. Please note there where a few early Wolf models produced with the Russian bars. These will not fit them.

F23203/HEAT - Heated Grips
Price pair - £64.80

Due to the unusual size of pre 2000 Russian handle bars (the ones with the Russian switch gear) there are no heated grips that are a perfect fit. These are 25mm clutch side and 29mm throttle side, we have achieved a good fit by first wrapping tape round the bars. Also available for standard 7/8th bars for most Japanese bikes and later (Domino switch gear) Urals. Please specify which size when ordering.
handlebar grips Ural

F205.0102 - Hand Guards
Price pair - £24.00
Special Offer

Original new, old stock factory hand guards for Ural 650s fitted with Russian levers where the mirror bolts though the lever bracket. As ever with these special offer parts, when they are all gone, there will not be any more.
Ural steering damper

F22601 - Steering Damper
Price - £36.00

Add a little vintage look to your Ural. Later bikes had a more modern triangular steering damper knob. These are genuine original vintage factory items and are a direct replacement for the later triangular damper.
Ural steering damper

F22601 - Steering Damper
Price - £99.00
Special Offer

Complete steering damper assembly for all Urals up to 2007. In 2008 Ural changed the internal diameter from 31mm to 35mm. This set is for all Urals fitted with 31mm internal diameter friction plates. We have a limited supply at this price.
motorcycle mirrors

F23123/BKRUS - Mirrors
Price - £36.00

These have a long threads on them so they fit Urals with Russian levers. However the thread can be shortened by cutting it to the desired length to fit the later Domino switch gear.
motorcycle mirrors

F23123/CHRRUS - Mirrors
Price - £36.00

Long thread are suitable for Ural and Dnepr 650s with the bolt through levers. If a small amount of thread is cut off they can also be fitted to later Ural with Domino levers requiring 10 mm thread.
motorcycle mirrors

F23123/CHRDOM - Mirrors
Price - £36.00

Short M10 thread so will only fit Ural 750 OHV models with Domino levers.
Handlebar risers

F23108 - Risers
Price pair - £30.00
Special Offer

Chrome risers as fitted to Urals from 1998 to 2007. Moves bars to just in front of the steering damper. Bars are 25 mm in the center where the risers fit. Can also be used on earlier Urals to replace the old style risers, but the bars will then be further forward. We only have a few at this price.

Full details of how to place an order and our delivery charges can be found on the ordering page.


This site can only show a tiny fraaction of the parts we stock.

If you need parts fro your Ural please contact us.

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