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Motorcycle screen

F2Z07.0201 - Cruiser
Price - 180.00

This well made European screen has been specially developed for Urals from 2008 onwards. It looks the part and offers great protection in from rain and wind. Single handlebar mounting point connects to double screen mounts to form a very stable and strong support that is still easy to remove and refit in just a few minutes. This screen allow easy access to the key switch even when sitting on the bike.
Motorcycle screen

F25422/T - Touring
Price - £210.00

The famous F2 universal screen offers the ultimate in weather protecting for all year round comfort. It is a real hassle to remove and refit, so this is not the one to go for if you prefer to remove the screen for the summer. The aerodynamic shape cuts through the air leaving an area of still air just behind the screen. The lower part extends beyond the key switch on a Ural so it does mean you need to turn the bike on and off whilst off the bike. If you ride every day all year round this is the screen to have.
Motorcycle screen

F25422/S - Small
Price - £96.00

Really easy to fit handle bar mounted screen. Although we call this a small screen it's still big enough to offer great protection.
Width at widest point = 54 cm.
Height from top of head light to top of screen = 42 cm. Total height of screen = 52 cm
Screen extender

F25402/EX - Extender
Price - £48.00
Special Offer

Fits almost any screen on any bike. Adjustable angle. No holes to drill in the original screen. 2 models. the one shown is the larger size

Large, total width is 30cm and height is 17 cm.
Small, total width is 25 cm and height is 14 cm.

We use these on our own bikes, it's worth experimenting with the angle when you first fit them. Once adjusted correctly they remove most of the turbulence created by original screens on some bikes.
Leg Guards Ural

F2Z05.0110 - Leg Guards
Price pair - £72.00

Fit all Urals 650 and 750. They keep most of the wet and dirt off your legs and work really well in combination with our touring screen.
LOMO bag

F25416/L - Lomo Bag
Price - £36.00

Lomo 60 litre Waterproof Bag and Straps. We have been using these for many years, pretty much completely waterproof, strong, easy to use and big enough for loads of gear. We supply them with matching webing straps.
Roll top, makes them really easy to load. Length 78 cm, Width 37 cm, Height 30 cm.
Luggage straps

F25416/LS - Luggage Strapes
Price per pair - £9.00

Most of us still use bungie straps, even though they snap, damage paint and stretch. These high quality 25mm wide webbing straps adjust from 100mm (4 inch's) to over 2 m (6 feet). They do not slip or stretch and will take a load of 150 kg. A much better solution for attaching tents, sleeping bags, or dry bags.

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This site can only show a tiny fraaction of the parts we stock.

If you need parts fro your Ural please contact us.

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