Carburetor mounts and spares for Ural motorcycles

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Ural carburettor mounts

F23844/K - Keihin Carb Mount
Price each - £36.00
Price per pair - £69.00

Fit all 750cc Urals originally fitted with the Keihin CV carburetors with stud centres of 57mm. Our ones have an enclosed steel insert so they are rigid enough to support the carburetor. Please note there where a few early 750 OHV Urals with stud centres of 52 to 54 mm. We have a few customers who have managed to file the mounting holes oval to fit these bikes. Supplied with clips and screws as shown
Ural carb mounts

F23806/J - Jikov Carb Mount
Price per pair - £60.00

For a very short time Ural 650cc motorcycles were fitted with a Jikov Carburetor made in the Czech Republic. The mounts are no longer available through the factory, but we have managed to get a small quantity manufactured as a pattern part. These will fit Ural 650cc cylinder heads with stud centre spacing of 51 to 52 mm. These can also be used to mount other makes of carb with approximately 34mm outside diameter stubs such as Mikuni VM28s.
ural carb adaptor

F23806/A - Carb Adaptors
Price per pair - £30.00

Useful carburettor adaptor for flange mounted carbs such as Amals. One size has 9mm holes with centres of 53mm so they will fit M8 stud 52 to 54mm apart. The other side is slotted with a minimum distance of 52mm and a maximum of 65mm between mounting studs. The hole in the middle is roughly 29mm. They also angle the carburettor slightly. The narrow side is 27mm and the thicker side is 33mm. 4 are shown for clarity, but the price is for 2.
carburetor gaskets

F23844 - K65 Thick Gasket
Price each - £7.20
Price per pair - £12.00

Extra thick gasket between head and carburetor for K65 only. The standard gaskets coming from Russia are now less than 2 mm thick. These are made as exact copies of the original gasket designed by the factory in the first place. They are 4.10mm thick and compress to 4.00 mm in use. This helps to stop heat transfer from the head to the carburetor.
keihin service kit

Part F24010/K - Keihin Kit
Price each - £15.00
Price per pair - £28.80

Simple kit for the Keihin CVK carburetor fitted to Ural Tourist, Dalesman, Wolf, etc. The float needle should cure the minor leaks associated with wear in the viton tip. The replacement slow running needle complete with o-ring will help to cure the tick over setting problems associated with worn or damaged needle taper.
keihin carb parts

F24005 - Keihin slide
Price each - £120.00

Diaphragm and piston for all Ural 750 models fitted with Keihin CVK carbs. Genuine Keihin part. We investigated budget alternatives and found them to be utter rubbish. 
keihin service kit

Part F24013 - K63/65/68 seal
Price per pair - £1.20

Viton seal to fit the brass fuel valve on Russian (and probably the cheap fake) K63/K65 and K68 carbs. Viton is E10 proof. The price does not include the brass valve, only the seals that sit on top of it.
vacuum ports

Spigot - Vacuum Port
Pair of M5 - £9.00
Pair of M6 - £9.00

We offer these in M5 which is by far the most commonly used and also in M6. Many motorcyles have a blanking screw in the inlet manifold. You simply unscrew the blanking screw and replace it with the vacuum spigot for balancing. These are also really useful if you want to add vacuum take off points to bikes without them. We use them on the Ural EFI bikes by drilling and tapping the throttle body just down stream of the throttle valve.

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Ural parts

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