We stock a wide selection of petrol taps and fuel tank parts for Urals motorcycles.

We cover most models from the 1970s right through to the latest Ural motorcycles.

This site only shows a small fraction of our spares stock.
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dnepr ural petrol tap

F23004/KP15 - KP15 tap
Price each - £42.00

Original fitment for Ural 650 M63, M66, M67. Also Dnepr MT9, MT10/36 and MT11. 14mm male thread with twin output. These taps have very weak threads.

When fitting a replacement we advise coating the threads with a sealer and screwing the tap in by hand. Applying large forces with a spanner will snap the threaded part off the tap.
dnepr ural fuel tap

F23004/15ALT - ALT 15 tap
Price each - £30.00

The KP15 tap is original fitment for Ural 650 M63, M66, M67. Also Dnepr MT9, MT10/36 and MT11. It is often impossible to obtain originals so we offer an alternative.

This alternative has a single outlet so we supply it with a T-piece.

kp33 petrol tap ural

F23004/33ALT - ALT33 tap
Price each - £60.00

From roughly 1999 to about 2003 Ural used a tap known as the KP33A tap. It screwed onto some male threads on the tank and can be identified by the oval plate behind the on/off lever which was attached with two screws.

Original KP33 taps are no longer available, BUT we have an alternative single outlet tap with the correct threads for a Ural, supplied complete with T-piece.
vacuum petrol tap

F23004/VAC - VAC tap
Price each - £84.00

Standard fitment to most later 750 Urals. Attached to the tank with two M6 screws. Opened by vacuum from the carburetors when the engine is running. This is the factory supplied original tap with single outlet. You can usually reuse your T-piece, but we do stock them if you need one.

ural 750 petrol tap

F23004/NO - No VAC tap
Price each - £36.00

Direct replacement for the vacuum tap and attached in the same way. Not opened by vacuum so you need to remember to turn fuel on and more importantly off again. Good quality lower cost alternative to the expensive vacuum tap. Note this has two 6 mm outlets so if you are converting from vacuum type tap you will require more fuel hose.
inline fuel tap

F23004/FT - Ferry Tap
Price each - £15.00

Top quality inline all metal stop tap. If you have a Ural fitted with a standard vacuum tap we strongly advise fitting and using one of these between the vacuum tap and the carburetors for long term storage or while the bike is being transported either by road or ferry. Vacuum taps have tiny diaphragms in them that shut the fuel off, unfortunately vibration can allow this to leak slightly so over a few hours on a ferry they can leak enough to fill the engine with fuel.
E10 fuel hose

F23013 - Viton Pipe
Price 50 cm - £13.20
Price 100 cm - £24.00

Genuine Viton, flexible fuel pipe. This is the only fuel pipe that is 100% petrol, diesel, ethanol and E10 proof. We now have this in two bore sizes 5.5 mm and 7.3 mm. Please specify when ordering. We supply this in both 50 cm and 100 cm lengths.
fuel filter

F23013/FIL - Fuel Filter
Price each - £13.20
Price pair - £24.00

Screw together high quality in line fuel filter with bronze micro-porous filter, can be cleaned and re-used. keeps your carbs clean.
viton petrol seal

F23018 - Viton Seals
Price each - £12.00

Viton Tank Cap Seals. Viton is 100% petrol, diesel, ethanol, biofuel and E10 proof. Available in 3 sizes.

BSA bantam/A10/M20 etc
60mm x 45mm x 1.5mm

79mm x 62mm x 4mm

86mm x 63mm x 3mm
fuel line connector

F23013/CONN - Connector
Price each - £18.00

If you have ever removed the fuel tank from a Dnepr or Ural you will know how frustrating the balance pipe is. The tank needs to be completely drained and then there is still fuel left in the pipe. This clever connector fits in the balance pipe and when it is pulled apart to remove the tank both sides seal.
ural petrol cap

F23002/LOC - Petrol Cap
Price each - £72.00

Standard screw in locking petrol cap fitted to most Urals from about 2000 onwards. We have them in chromes or black.
ural fuel cap

F23002/NOL - Petrol Cap
Price each - £30.00

Non locking alternative to the screw in petrol cap. Chrome only
ural dnepr fuel cap

F23002/CAP - Large Cap
Price each - £30.00

Fits most Dnepr (Dnieper) motorbikes including MT9, MT10/36 and MT11. Also fits Ural M63, M66, M67 and some later 650/750s. Supplied with seal. Nice original quality cap, not the thin brittle ones from ebay.
tank baffle

F23017 - Petrol Baffle
Price each - £30.00

his fits all Dneprs and Urals originally fitted with the large tank cap and acts as a baffle when you brake so the tank cap leaks a lot less.

Full details of how to place an order and our delivery charges can be found on the ordering page.


This site can only show a tiny fraction of the parts we stock.

If you need parts for your Ural please contact us.

ural manual

Our short blog about E10 fuel is a little out of date now regarding laballing of fuel at the pump but it is worth a read as it does explain the importance of Viton when useing modern fuels.


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