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ACF50/SC - ACF50 Spray
Price - £16.20

ACF 50 Anti Corrosion Fluid.
We were the first workshop to try ACF50 in the motorcycle industry after first running our own tests to check it really did do what it claims. 369 gram spray can. We have been using it on our own bikes with remarkable results.


CB - Corrosion Block Spray
Price - £16.20

Corrosion Block Anti Corrosion Fluid is a marine version of ACF50.
It is thicker and stickier so ideal for a good coating just before winter.
Supplied in 369 gram spray. We use ACF50 for 3 season protection, but we use Corrosion Block spray for motorcycles regularly used over the harsh winter months. Tip, stand the can in warm water for 30 minutes and shake well before use.

ACF50 Bulk

ACF50/BULK - ACF50 Liquid
Price - £36.00

ACF 50 Anti Corrosion Fluid.
950ml liquid with a small refillable spray bottle. This sprays really well with a cheap paint spray gun and a compressor if you warm it up a little first.

This product can not be posted by air or surface mail outside the UK
Corrosion Block Grease

CBLOCK - Grease
Price - £12.00

Corrosion Block Grease.
Made by the same people as ACF50. This is a blue multi purpose grease with the same additives that make ACF50 spray so good. Use it on threads, splines, wheel bearings, and anywhere you would normally use a standard grease. It resists water wash out and offers excellent protection where ever you would normally use a standards grease. Sold in 454 gram screw lid tub.
This product can not be posted by air or surface mail outside the UK

Startron E10 additive

STARTRON - E10 Treatment
Price - £18.00

Star Tron Petrol Additive.
Very useful now most fuels contain ethanol. Stabilises modern E10 fuels. Treatment level is 5 ml to every 10 litres of fuel. We supply a graduated measuring pot to make this easy. One bottle treats approximately 500 litres of fuel. We have tested this product and published the results so you can decide for yourself.
Startron E10 additive

ZX1 - Metal Treatment
250ml - £24.00
1 litre - £84.00

Do not confuse ZX1 metal treatment with other oil additive. Yes you add it to your oil, but it is not there to boost the performance of your oil. It uses the oil to carry it round the engine where it bonds with the surface of the metal creating a low friction surface that lasts even after the oil has been changed. Snake oil I hear you cry, well, we have tried it, we liked the results, so we use it in our own vehicles. Treatment is roughly 5% of oil capacity. Engine, gearbox and even 2-strokes.

Startron E10 additive

ZX1 - Grease
Price - £19.20

The same exceptional anti friction properties as the ZX1 metal treatment but in a grease. If you have open wheel bearings that need greasing this is the stuff to use. Comes in a 400 gram tub.

Spring Puller

SPULLER - Spring Puller
Price - £7.20

Great for getting the rear brake lever return spring back on a Ural after taking the gearbox off. Obviously this has loads of other uses where springs are involved. This will save all those skinned knuckles and bruised hands that replacing pre tensioned springs using screw drivers and pliers often cause.
Cable oiler

COILER - Cable Oiler
Price - £9.00

This is the product we use in the workshop, very easy and quick, clamps round cable and allows pressure oiling using WD40 or similar. Cleaning and lubricating cables is always going to be a messy job. When you use this there is some leakage of WD40 around the cable, but this is still the best way to service cables. Because the tool allows pressure oiling the dirt is forced out at the same time as the lubricant is forced in.
Battery Charger

Price - £45.00

This has to be the most versatile motorcycle battery charger available. 6 or 12 volt, lead acid, AGM and even lithium modes, recovery mode, winter mode as well as low amp modes for really small moped batteries. It is supplied with croc clips as well as ring terminals and a connector plug for permanent wiring.
Liquimoly additive

SPEED - Fuel Additive
Price - £7.20

Simply add this 80ml shooter to your fuel tank with about 10 litres of fuel. Cleans the fuel system, Catalytic converter safe. great for cleaning both carbs an injectors. Restores original performance.

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